Upper Mustang Trek

upper-mustangThe ancient Himalaya kingdom “Mustang” also called “Lo” which used to be the part of Tibetan empire, lies in the north-central part of Nepal. Mustang’s landscapes resemble the Tibetan ones.  It is the hidden world where ancient Buddhism is still in practice and is called “Bon Buddhism”. The thousand years of isolation has kept the culture, lifestyle remain unchanged for centuries and even till date. Here you get the privilege to explore the thousand years of old monastery, local tribes, caves, and beautiful scenery of the different landscapes.

The upper Mustang Trek in Nepal is a rare experience for trekker’s since this area was closed for tourists until 1991. This trek is one of the most interesting trek area both culturally and naturally. The Upper Mustang trekking trail provides trekkers with an opportunity to connect with the nature while also experiencing cultural variety. Upper Mustang starts from Kagbeni. This trek goes through the world’s deepest gorge in Kaligandaki Valley. This trek has an average elevation of 3000m. The valleys are arid and dry with colourful rock formations which contains many cave dwellings high up in the cliffs, canyon and desert. In this trek, the road also passes through the barren landscapes, steep rocks. The remote Upper Mustang trekking trail presents tourists with a electrifying variegation of the earth’s colors. The panoramic views of the mountains, i.e. Nilgiris, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, and several others are present during the trek. Visitors have the interest to learn their local language, their culture and visit monasteries, and also most of them are interested to take in the meditation in the monastery itself.You will also find an adorable view of the snowy summits and brilliant villages also with antiquated palaces.


One of the major attractions in the Mustang region is the Tiji festival influenced by Tibetan Buddhism, which is the time to coincide with the end of the dry season. The people of Mustang, i.e. Mustagi people have their own unique way of family life, which is quiet surprising for many tourists. What came to my surprise was, when I met the people there I got to know that all the brothers in the family are married to a single girl, and this is called a practice of polyandry.

One needs to require a special permit from the Nepalese Department of immigration to visit this place. For this trek, you will also be required to walk for about 6 hours on a everyday basis. This might require you to prepare yourself three months in advance of the trip by jogging and other exercise. This exercise will make sure you have a positive attitude and to be strong willed while you are on the Upper Mustang Trek. There must be at least two people to trek in this area, single person are not allowed to trek due to its wildness as per the government regulation.


The trekking itinerary is for about 17 days, and customization is done based on the trekker’s requirement. Explore the Hidden Mystery of Himalayas through Mytrip2nepal!!


“Incredible Historical Sites of Nepal”

Janaki TempleAmazingly beautiful is Nepal’s cultural heritage. The valley is famously known as the city of temples and it has shrines and other monuments packed into its art and crafts and its beautiful architecture. Seven out of the eight cultural heritages are located in Kathmandu and its surroundings.  It is considered as a premier cultural hub of Nepal.

Lumbini , the birth place of Lord Buddha, is one of the world’s major religious, architectural, historical sites. It is a UNESCO world Heritage site and holds immense archeological and religious importance.  Lumbini is one of four Buddhist pilgrimage sites based on the life of Gautam Buddha. It is recognized and known as a symbol of world peace.To the visitors, its cultural sites and places are really informative.

Maya Devi Temple

The Mayadevi temple which is built on the exact place where Buddha was born is also an important site to visit.  As per the mythology, Buddha started to walk just after his birth. Visitors can see the footprints of Buddha which is covered in the glass chamber inside the temple. The sacred pond where Maya Devi had her bath just before going into labour to give birth to Lord Buddha is still there for us to see even after 2600 long years.

Asokanpillar2The oldest inscription in Nepal has an interesting history about an emperor who ruled nearly all of the Indian subcontinent. “The Ashokan Pillar”, it is one of the many stone pillars built by the Indian Emperor Ashoka during his reign in the 3rd century BC.  It commemorates and symbolizes Ashoka’s  visit to Lumbini after he converted to Buddhism. This pillar also takes the honors as being the oldest known inscription to be found in Nepal.

The Lumbini museum, located in the cultural zone has on display, Mauryan and Kushana coins, religious manuscripts, terracotta fragments, and stone and metal sculptures, coins, pottery and toys dating from 7th Century B.C. to 4th Century A.D. It showcases a very good collection of jewellery  and ornaments of that period.

The beautiful Janaki Mandir is a Hindu temple at the heart of Janakpur. Popularly known as Naulakha Mandir (meaning Nine lakhs), cost for construction of temple was about nine lakhs and hence the name. Lot of pilgrims visit the temple during Nov-Dec for Vivah Panchami, when the marriage of Rama Sita is celebrated.

Surely, Nepal has incredible historical sites to visit and talk about. Don’t miss out on any of these and grab our Nepal tour package to get the best Nepal tour within your convenience.

“An amazing experience to Everest Base Camp Trek”

imagesThe Everest Base Camp trek is a truly an unforgettable and a lifetime experience. Everest Base Camp Trekking is known as one of the most popular adventure trekking trails in the world.  This is the grandest epic trek and provides the amazing view of the highest mountain of the world, Mount Everest and also many other snowcapped mountains.


This trek begins with the scenic flight to Lukla from Kathmandu. On reaching Lukla, the trek starts to the most famous Sherpa Village of Namche Bazaar and on the Buddhist monastery enjoying the beautiful views of highest mountains including the Mount Everest (8848 m), Mount Lhotse, Mount Makalu among others.

With my experience of  getting an opportunity to step into an amazing trek and reaching at the top of the world, I would like to share few of my observance that is not to be missed.

1.      Monsoon schedule

During this season, most of the airplanes in service are very old and can provide you with a rough ride but the feeling of flying next to the mountains is extremely extraordinary. One interesting thing about the Lukla airport is the landing and takeoff from here is a special moment, cotton is offered to stop your ears and locals start praying since Lukla airport is known for being the most risky airport.

2.      Lukla to Nurning

In this region, the mornings are good for trekking, especially in the monsoon. The walk to this area is really challenging since here the roads traverse big stones and for this hiking boots are highly recommended.

3.      Over the Dudh Kosi

On the way to Namche, there are two suspension bridges over the Dudh Koshi river. Dudh Koshi river to Namche takes about 3-4 hours and in between there is no possibility of getting a teahouse or a place to relax. It’s said “Fun and adventure in life comes along with challenge”.

4.      Namche Bazar

Here in Namche Bazar, you get the fantastic view of the mountain peaks, it’s a beautiful place with an amazing scenery. During the monsoon, at this point it is difficult to see the other part of the town since the weather here is not clear during this season. Namche is an incredible place for taking pictures.

5.      Last Rise

After Namche, there is a walk from Namche to Deboche (approx 3820m), and is considered as an easy part in the trek. However, there is a last rise, before Deboche and this is spot where you can rest before getting a rest in Deboche.

5.      Surrounding Glaciers

For me, this was the best part of this entire trek where I could see the glaciers surrounding the Everest Base Camp. Once you are here, the silence and beauty of this place definitely makes you forget all the efforts that you have put to reach this place.


The entire experience to Everest Trek was worth all my efforts. Now that I am back with such amazing pictures and memories, all I can say is what an amazing experience it was!!! If you are opting for a trek in your Nepal Round Tour, this trek is surely not to be missed.

Top 5 attractions of Bhutan!!

Bhutan 3Sandwiched between the two rising Asian giants, India to the south and China to the north, Bhutan quietly follows its unique and responsible way to progress.  It’s a proud thing to know that Bhutan could perhaps be one of the happiest countries because of its ecological richness, thriving cultural heritage and strong family values.  Being nestled in the unfolds of the Himalayas, Bhutan is special to people who like to see the centuries old culture followed with the modernity.

Bhutan, this place reminds me of the green valleys, cold climate, snow capped peaks, and its rich heritage and culture. Few of the notable features of Bhutan that attracts you towards this place include: First of all, Bhutanese are very warm and welcoming. The architecture of Bhutan is colorful, unique and well kept. There are many colorful festivals with ancient mask dance; Bhutanese concept of carrying themselves out is totally different. They wear different clothes with all colorful accessories. Also, trekking in Bhutan is enduring, timeless and true wilderness experience. You get the perfect experience of mountain views and also walk through the virgin forests, villages in remote areas and the experience is going to be alone, it’s exciting with almost no other tourists around. The list can go on.

Few of the must see places when you visit Bhutan include:

  1. Paro ValleyBhutan

The Paro Valley is one of the most beautiful valley in Bhutan, which is located among the pine covered hills, Paro- Chu river with rice fields, and also many of the country’s most famous stupas and monasteries.

2.       Thimpu Valley:

To my experience, this valley is one of the most unique capitals in the world, here every building is required to be constructed in traditional style and should be decorated with Buddhist symbols. Major attractions in Thimpu include the painting school, the national library, textile museum, and shopping for Bhutanese souvenirs. If possible, plan your visit to experience the Thimpu festival held every autumn.

3.       Bhumthang Valley:

This includes a road trip around the best of Bhutan. The major highlights of Bhumthang Valley tour include the visit to the Taktsang monastery, also known as the tigers nest. This valley tour is a short format tour which allows you to get the clear exposure of this amazing country. During this tour, you get to experience the best sightseeing and culture of Bhutan and also allows you to get personal with the friendly and welcoming Bhutanese people.

4.       Phuentsholing:

Phuentsholing, being in the border town, is the major point of entry/exit for Bhutan and also the major link to visit the Indian state of Sikkim, Assam and West Bengal. This town is situated directly at the base of Himalayan foothills, and is a fascinating place where different groups of people mingle, i.e. the Bhutanese, Indian and Nepalese.

Bhutan 2There are many other attractions of Bhutan. Few of them include the Chimi Lhakhang, Punakha Dzong, Dochula Pass, The National Tashichhodzong, and the list goes on.

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Trekker’s guide: Best time to enjoy trekking in Nepal

Climbing is as close as we can come to flying. This interest is within most of us.  Let us all know about “Trekking in Nepal” since it is one of the best destination if you are willing to do something unique and challenging.

TrekkingIf you are convincingly fit, you are fit enough to trek in Nepal.  While trekking in Nepal you will wake up with the chirping call of birds, you will want to stay on in those trekking camps to enjoy the tranquility at the night, the cool breeze, and the fascinating mountains which turn from silver to heavy gold during the time of sunset.

Since Nepal has a large number of trekking routes, you might have a problem of choosing the right trail however it will be wise enough to pick up a proper trekking trail and time according to your interest.

Trekking 2Most importantly the weather and the crowd should be taken care of while you decide your time for trekking since during the season time Nepal has a huge tourist crowd. Note that October to May is the best time period for trekking. Nepal has amazing scenic beauty and mountains views. Though the summer time may not be the best to offer you the best mountain views, but it is a definite period for the special interest trek. This is the ideal time for travelling in INDIAN, TIBETAN HIMALAYA and in Nepal Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpa, Manang Nar Phu. During the autumn, everyone rushes to the beautiful trekking trails because of the tantalizing mountain views.  Autumn is one of such season which offers an excellent view of the mountains. The monsoon skies are very clear, days are warm and evening cool. This makes the best time to trek and it is one of the popular periods for tourists to visit Nepal. Winter is a great time to trek one or two week lower and mid altitude trails, where the temperature is pleasant. During this period, there are less number of trekkers on the trail.  Special interest trek is best during the spring season i.e. starts late February. The colourful forest of Rhododendron which is the national flower of Nepal also blooms at this time of the year. The nature will mesmerize you with the orchids, also different species of birds on the route while you trek during this season.

One should always keep in mind that whenever you plan to take a trip to Nepal, it should be and Adventure Nepal Tour since Nepal is best known as an adventurous destination.

The longest and most auspicious festival: Dashain!!!

It is a well known fact that Nepalese have more gods and goddess than human beings and also more festivals than those actually fits in a yearly calendar of 365 days. To my observance, what makes the festive month of Dashain and Tihar quiet special and is regarded as the greatest festival of Hindu culture is the excitement which lies in every individual. All Nepalese from different caste and creed free themselves from their daily routine and set themselves to a month full of enjoyment with their family members and their loved ones.

With the start of the October, you will probably see a goat or two being tethered in many a home’s yard. They are all meant for sacrifice on Maha Asthami, the eighth day of this greatest festival, Dashain. Also don’t be surprised to see a lot of blood being split on this day in many temples throughout the country.

This is one aspect of Dashain, now let’s talk about the other aspects of this ten day festival. It all begins with Ghatasthapana, the very first day of this 15 day festival. On this day, every Hindu household in the land sows a handful of barley seeds on the sand bed in the puja room.  The barley seeds will quickly sprout into nice yellow leaves (Jamara). The first nine days of this festival are called Navaratri. During the span of these days, if u wake up early in the morning, remember to take a temple tour being dedicated to the Goddess Durga. During this festival, it is a daily ritual for most people and I am sure you will be surprised to see the big crowds thronging the temples.

Fulpati falls on the seventh day where in the excitement among the people takes a rapid speed. Followed with this, the eighth day is Maha Asthami, also called as Kal Ratri, is a bad times for thousands of goats, buffaloes, ducks that fall victim to the unforgiving slash of Khukuri. With its completion, Maha Nawami is the ninth day of Dashain. The charm of this day is that this is the only day of the entire year when the doors of the Taleju Temple are opened for the public.

The final day of Dashain is Vijaya Dashmi, also known as Tika. Most households will have a large silver plates holding the Tika, the Jamara and fruits, and also plenty of new notes. Last, since money is what will be changing hands, from that of elders of those younger than them, along with the putting on of tikas on foreheads and jamaras behind the ears. This is one of the best part of this ten day festival, which brings together of kith and clan at least for one day in a year. Many make a point that during this time, they come from far off cities and villages to make sure that the festival of Joy and Prosperity is celebrated with the dear ones. After all, its gaiety and goodwill all the way. 

Well, Tika continues for atleast another four days to ensure even the late comers get the blessings from their elders. What makes this festive month special is that we can see that an undoubtly happy smile on the face of people and it helps to free oneself from the hassle of life and indulge into a month of enjoy, pleasure and happy times.

At last I wish all my viewers a very Happy Dashain and hope you will enjoy at its best and stay blessed avoiding all the negative sides.

I travel for the scenery

Nepal captures the heart of all those who come here. Sandwiched between the two India and China, makes this landlocked delightful nation of Nepal an absolute necessity visit for imageseach traveler who loves nature and oneself being surrounded with the love that nature provides.

No life is possible without nature. Man is inseparable from nature. Nepal is rich in natural resources. Whether your interest is in birds, butterflies or be it flowers, Nepal has everything for you. The beautiful flowers, the sweet song of birds, deer on the grassland, etc are the most beautiful scene of nature. Nature has skilled Nepal with high mountains, waterways, woods and excellent scene. The best part about Nepal is that it gives a great deal numerous chances to investigate and experience new things. In Nepal you will experience the ideal situation of viewing the jungle scenery, animals and birds and the indigenous local people and their tradition, language and costumes. The thick timberland blanket of Nepal makes it a perfect place to embrace a Jungle Safari.

Nepal is legendary for its common hiking, trekking, climbing, mountaineering, mountain biking, wild life campaign, paragliding, rafting, sightseeing, with plenty of additional. The scenic view of Nepal makes you fall in love with nature. The weather is always so refreshing. Most of the times you come across the tourist crowd who spend months in Nepal just because of its Natural scenery.

When I was here, the first thing I asked myself was -: Is the world really so beautiful??  Kathmandu Valley, the capital city of Nepal is a pulsating tourist center and will unfold you to whatever you are looking for be it adventurous, religious, entertaining, meditative or even mystic. Nepal is categorized as being small place, but let me tell you in this small place we find so many unique places. Kathmandu being the capital city is always fresh and lively with busy day life followed with the beautiful evening . Not just Kathmandu, but places in and around the entire Nepal have something we should talk about.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI think Nepal is an open playground for the nature lover, they can find Nepal as the heaven. You can see the mountain view from your window, Nepal holds eight of the fourteen highest peak of the world. Apart from the mountain views, its culture, tradition and the ever smiling Nepalese people are the few things among many which make you stay connected with this place.

Pack your bags and experience some of the most majestic peaks, most exhilarating torrents and wonderful people Nepal has to offer. In case you enjoy exploring things or love travelling, Nepal will be just the destination for you.