“HOLIKA” In Short Holi

holi1Holi festival long ago started as a  celebration after the death of mythical demon named Holika, in short Holi. The Mythical Story of Holi goes as follows: There was a demon named Hiranyakasyapu, father of Praladh, who started to think himself as a Lord of Universe and wanted everyone to worship him . His son Praladh, was very much devoted to Lord Vishnu, which was not acceptable to Hiranyakasyapu. Hiranyakasyapu tried to convince his son as many times but he failed and Praladh never stopped worshiping Lord Vishnu.

Frusted, Hiranyakasyapu then planned of killing his own five years old son Praladh. He ordered his blood (sister) Holika, who was blessed from Lord Bramha with resistance to fire (but not for missus ) to kill his son. Holika then took Praladh, carrying on her lap and sat on fire.  However, Praladh was very much devotee of Lord Vishnu, Holika burnt herself instead and Praladh was saved by the grace of God.

holyThus, Holi (Phagupune) is said to be celebrated to express joy on Holika’s termination and the traditional bonfires are supposed to memorialize her death. The Phugu stands for sacred red power and Pune denotes to full moon day, on which the festival ends. It is celebrated with colors, sweets, balloons filled with water and music. People throw and put color, water balloons to each other as a gesture of love and fun.

The Holi begins a week before the actual day of Holi in capital city. It is an annually celebrated Hindu festival that lies on full moon day of March. It is also rejoice as begin of spring season. In Terai region the Marwari class (Indian Community) who lived and settled down since long time ago in Nepal, they celebrate after the day of Kathmandu finishes the celebration.

Generally, colorful festival start with the ceremonial pole called, “CHIR” which is installed on first day on Basantapur and last for week. The pole named Chir is a long bamboo pole fringed with clothes which represents as a good luck charms. And by the end of the week or say festival the Chir is taken out and put on fire.

HOLI BASANTAPURThe story behind the Chir a bamboo pole installation in Basantapur, it begins with the Lord Krishna’s mischievous nature. Lord Krishna always loved to play and prank with ‘milkmidas’ (gopis). It said Krishna with his dashing look, he seduced all the gopis, danced with them, doused them in colored water and while milkmaids were bathing in a pond called “Yamuna” he stole all their clothes and hung them on a tree near Yamuna Nadi. Hence, the pole that instilled in Basantapur “Chir” symbolized the tree.

It is said that the Holi hearten the brotherhood feeling in society and turns enemy to friend. People of all religion and community forget everything from past and celebrates the festival of color and participates on the spiritual moment of nation.

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